Advanced Pure Air Newport ‘Ultra’ UV-C Air Purifier


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  • ✓ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY: A high-performance HEPA filter has been used to provide 99.97% effectiveness.
  • ✓ULTRA-MODERN DESIGN: The Newport ‘Ultra’ air purifier offers the latest in state-of-the-art performance and features. Its elegant and stylish design just fits nicely into any indoor environment. The Newport ‘Ultra’ is designed by Advanced Pure Air, which offers wide range of air purification products.
  • ✓FILTERS THE ENVIRONMENT: The Newport ‘Ultra’ air purifier removes all types of unhygienic particulates from surroundings. The carbon filter absorbs odors, toxic gases and hazardous chemical fumes including cigarette smoke etc.
  • ✓KEEPS YOU FREE FROM ALLERGIES: The high-performance HEPA filter helps you in safeguarding from any kind of allergies and asthma attacks. This air purifier keeps you away from allergies causing due to pets’ dander.
  • ✓ CONTINOUS MONITORING WITH TOTAL SILENCE: The Air Purifier continuously monitor the air quality and displays it through easy-to-read LCD control screen. In addition the purifier absolutely works silently. No more disturbing noise at your home and office. It is simply whisper-quiet.


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