Salt Free Water Softener (4-6 Bathrooms) – Whole House Water Conditioner & Descaler

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  • BETTER THAN BOTTLED WATER QUALITY AT EVERY TAP: Get great tasting water at every tap that is clean, healthy by filtering out up to 99.6% of chlorine and other contaminants that cause bad taste and odors. The whole house water filtration system ensures you’ll be drinking better than bottled water straight from your tap.
  • PROPRIETARY ACTIVFLO TECHNOLOGY: The ActivFlo filtration system is a proprietary, 4-stage design that allows the most contact time between filtration media and water. This ensures longer contact time through each stage of filter media, which removes more contaminants than any other system.
  • SOFTER SKIN AND HEALTHIER HAIR: Treat yourself to a spa-like experience. Reduce the damage done to your hair from harmful bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals in your hard water. Experience the amazing benefits of bathing in clean, filtered water today.
  • PREVENTS AND CLEANS EXISTING SCALE: Scale buildup is the result of prolonged use of hard water. The Salt-Free system prevents and reverses the damaging effects of hard water on your home’s plumbing and appliances. You will no longer need to use harsh chemicals to clean the effects of this corrosion.
  • INSTALLATION KIT INCLUDED: Includes an installation kit allowing for easy installation with all of the necessary parts. You will also receive detailed instructions. Included parts: Pre-Filter Housing, sediment filter, O-Ring for Pre-Filter Housing, Mounting Bracket, Spanner Wrench, Hose Bib Assembly, Bypass Valve, 1″ MNPT Fittings.


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