UV water purification



Is your water safe to drink?

Do you have water impurities like harmful pathogens, bacteria and other micro-biological organisms? Then it’s a right time to get our UV Water Purifier. Our advanced UV Water Purifier kills the micro-biological organism, harmful pathogens with ultraviolent light. UV wavelength disorders DNA of the micro-biological organism in water which stops them from reproducing. Micro-biological organism can embed in your digestive track and replicate causing other health problems. UV radiations damage nucleic acids present in DNA of all pathogens, parasites, bacteria and viruses and prevents them from replicating.

How a UV Water Purifier Works?

UV radiation exposes micro-biological pathogens, bacteria, virus and cysts to germicidal ultraviolent wavelength. UV radiation just at the 254-nm wavelength disrupts the DNA of these pathogens making them unable to replicate. UV rays prevent them from spreading diseases through drinking water.


UV dosage is the measurement of energy delivered by UV Water Purifier. The more dosage of UV provided; the more energy is delivered to treat contaminated water. At certain point, energy becomes enough to inactivate most of the microorganisms present in water. UV rays deactivate the living organism in water but doesn’t removes particles from water or add chemicals or removes bad tastes or water. In order to get pure water, you should consider adding our Water Filter along with UV Water Purifier.