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C3 Cube Technology

For centuries carbon has been the backbone of water filtration, mostly in a granular form. The small gains of carbon (GAC) provided an incredible amount of surface area to adsorb contaminants. While the performance is reliable for standard GAC, more surface sights became available through the Catalytic activation process. By constructing the Catalytic activated carbon in a purpose-built network throughout the shape of a cube we increased the exposed wetted surface area and ultimately increased the absorption of contaminants.  

 The Power of C3 technology:

  • 25% Faster Contaminant Adsorption
  • 25% Higher Flow Rates
  • Ultra-High Functionality
  • Optimized Kinetics

PGC Media

PGC Media® we can economically and safely able to treat your hard water without the use of salt and electricity. The PGC Media slowly dissolves adding food grade crystals into the water supply, protecting plumbing and water-using appliances from corrosion and hard water. The dissolved crystal forms a thin protective coating on the inside of pipes and other metallic surfaces to prevent scale build-up, corrosion while reducing the leaching of copper and lead into drinking water.