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Whole House Water Filtration Systems


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Manufactured using

NSF CERTIFIED components.


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Working Mechanism of Filtration System

Municipal water plants are getting old day by day and have become highly contaminated source of water. Our water filtration system is intended to proficiently channel your water and filter it. Our innovative design and process allow the most contact time with water of any given system. It also covers all contacts even when water flow is in extreme low level. With built-in carbons and up-flow design, it will protect you and your family with clean and healthy water. Our filtration system provides great control by removing or reducing chemical and organic contaminants, giving you with clean and healthy water to drink.

 Stage 1

A 5 micron sediment pre-filtration cartridge, for the removal of particulates found in the water. The 4.5″ diameter filter provides maximum surface area for superior filtration and  uncompromising flow rates.

 Stage 2

Our systems use only NSF Certified, fiberglass wrapped, polypropylene pressure tanks that are Made in the USA.

 Stage 3

KDF-55 ReDox media – providing bacteriostatic properties as well as chlorine and heavy metal reduction. This helps provide longer life for the carbon.

 Stage 4

Marcroprous carbon – to provide another stage of chlorine removal, and any discoloration in the water.

 Stage 5

Microporous catalytic carbon – Providing a final filtration step, tackling the chloramines, VOC’s THM’s and any organics present in the water.

C3 Cube Technology

For centuries carbon has been the backbone of water filtration, mostly in a granular form. The small gains of carbon (GAC) provided an incredible amount of surface area to adsorb contaminants. While the performance is reliable for standard GAC, more surface sights became available through the Catalytic activation process. By constructing the Catalytic activated carbon in a purpose-built network throughout the shape of a cube we increased the exposed wetted surface area and ultimately increased the absorption of contaminants.  

 The Power of C3 technology:

  • 25% Faster Contaminant Adsorption
  • 25% Higher Flow Rates
  • Ultra-High Functionality
  • Optimized Kinetics

Whole House Water Filter ActivFlo Technology

ActivFlo Filtration Technology is a four-phase designed system which gives the most contact between water and filtration media. This implies that ActivFlo Technology has longer extended contact time through each phase of filter media which continually removes all present contaminants than any other system available in the market.

Here’s how the water filter system works

Our 5-micron sediment pre-filter filters all the sediments like sand, slit, clay in it’s very first stage. As soon as sediments are filtered, stage 2 pushes water through KDF media where water is separated from harmful chemicals like chlorine, bromine. In same stage, different contaminants found in municipal water is also removed. In following stage 3, leftover chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, pesticide and herbicides and other organic contaminants are removed. The final stage includes innovatively designed system made to eliminate channeling while producing more contact time.

Healthier and Better Tasting Food

Food beverage will taste better and fresher when you use whole house filter system. Several studies conducted have proved cleaner water used while cooking and washing vegetables results in great and pure taste.

Healthier Better Tasting Water

Once all the impurities are removed, water tastes refreshing. Our filtration system filters 99.6% of impurities including chlorine and contaminants which are main reason for unpleasant taste of water.

Clear Harmful Contaminants

Our filtration not only reduces chemicals like chlorine its also eradicates different organic compounds. This filtration system acts as line of defense for impurities like:

  • Herbicides, Pesticides, Sulfur and many more.
  • Chloramine, MTBE, TTHM, Chlorine and Halo acetic Acids.
  • Taste and odors.

Healthier Hair and Skin

Once all harmful bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals are removed from water, it ensures clean and beautiful skin as these bacteria and chemicals are main reason for unfit skin. This is why beauty parlors; spa owners only tend to use pure filtered water.

Guaranteed Non-Pressure Drop Water Filtration System

Pressure drop in water system is one of the most annoying stuff that you must deal after installing new water filtration system. Our Whole house water filtration system is build based on number of taps, bathrooms you have in your home.

Here is our basic calculation about pressure. A shower normally uses 2.2 gallons of water every minute and if your home has 2 full bathrooms and both are turned on same times then you will be using 4.4 gallons of water every minute. This means you need to make sure you need to purchase a system with at least 6 GPM in case your other appliances like kitchen sinks are on.

How to install Whole house water filter system?

Do you like getting things done yourself?

Do you have experience with plumbing and piping? Have all handy tools. If so, then this might be a great job for you saving some money. But if you don’t have any previous knowledge about plumbing and piping then it is highly recommended to hire a professional and handyman. Installation process may vary on specific home depending upon piping size, design and type. You will get a bypass valve and 1” elbow fitting. What you need to do is provide your own piping and fittings to attach to system.

Or Hire a plumber/ handyman

Not everyone has experience with plumbing, and it’s better to leave these jobs for the professional. You can hire a plumber to install this filter system, but prices may vary depending on your location and where your main water line is coming from.