What is a water conditioner?

We can simply call water conditioning system as a general term for a system which improves the quality of water in some way. Water Conditioning System removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants from water improving the quality and taste of water. Water Conditioning System removes three major issues present in water: limescale, bacteria, and algae. These contaminants not only degrade water quality but also damage or cause problems in your plumbing system. In common, it is an innovative solution that removes hardness minerals in water and prevent them from building up.

Water is such an integral part of our daily life and in most of the cases, water does not start out clean. Our drinking water goes through lots of treatment before it makes to our home. Even though our water has already been treated by our city/ municipal water treatment, it can still harbor bacteria, other contaminants in your storage tank and pipes. Water Conditioning System helps you to eradicate all these contaminants and provides you and your family safe drinking time and, in the meantime, keeps your plumbing safe and free from these contaminants.

Water Conditioning System vs. Water Softener

People often take both Water Softer and Water Conditioning System as similar but in fact they have different properties.  When it comes to the hard water, Water Softener removes all the hard chemicals like calcium, magnesium and silica ions, leaving very few amounts of quantities. Water Softeners often uses ion exchange process to replace these ions with salt.

In other hand, Water Conditioner is more advanced way to remove hardness mineral and prevent them from building up. Water Conditioner also tackles other issues such as biological contaminants such as bacteria and algae. Water Softener is not designed to address other issues than removing hard chemicals from drinking water. Water Conditioner tends to waste less water and needs less maintenance than that of Water Softeners.

How does a Water Conditioning System Work?

There are different kind of water conditioning system and the way they work differs from one to another. They use different methods to create a catalytic reaction that changes the way that contaminants behave in water. But the end goal of different kind of water conditioners are same to address the issue like biofouling and scale build up. The goal of water conditioner is to slow the rate of scale formation by reducing the formation of limescale in water. Water conditioners do not actually remove mineral ions, but they prevent them from building up inside your plumbing fixtures. This reduces hassle of preventing hard water using salt bags like that of traditional water softeners.

Another upside of water conditioner is that it can also address biological contaminants by deactivating them. Water Conditioning System uses electrical signaling in your plumbing causing minerals to join, forming clusters. Over the time when these clusters build up, they form stable crystals. Electrical signaling also affects biological matter and breaks them up which are carried out by flow of water.

Types of Water Conditioners

There are different types of water conditioners available in market and all of them have a different mechanism. We have listed few different water conditioning methods below:

  • Template-Assisted Crystallization: Template-Assisted Crystallization, TAC changes hardness mineral ion into stable crystalline form using resin beads as catalytic nucleation site. Stable crystalline are microscopic, flow normally in water but will not cling into a surface.
  • Electrical Induction: Normally this kind of water conditioners uses electricity to precipitate hardness of water. Precipitate are formed on the electrode which requires periodic cleaning. But this layer can also be easily removed by fast-flowing water.
  • Electrolysis: Electrolysis based water conditioners requires battery to operate; metal electrodes are immersed in the water, and they release positive zinc ions. They also release electrons that move through the wire to the cathode. Over the time when zinc anode dissolves in your water; this process will cease eventually and no longer affect your water.
  • Magnetic: This type of water conditioners uses magnets to a magnetic field in your water which acts as a way that dissolve hardness ions. A Magnetic field changes the shape of clusters which prevents ions from sticking in water surfaces.
  • Electromagnetic: This type of water conditioner is similar to magnetic but the only difference is that they use electricity to produce a magnetic field. The only advantage over the traditional magnetic conditioner is that you can turn off magnetic signal if you need to.

These are some of the physical Water Conditioning System; some other water treatment methods use chemical to treat the water and are not physical conditioners. As an example, A water softener uses ion exchange chemical process to treat the water. Some of the examples of chemical treatment method are listed below:

  • Reverse Osmosis: Often known as RO, works by reversing the principle of osmosis; the natural tendency of water with dissolved salts to flow through a membrane from lower concentration to higher. In reverse osmosis system, pressure from a pump is used to overcome natural osmotic pressure forcing impurities through a semipermeable membrane that removes high volume of impurities.
  • Chelation: Chelation uses chemical compound in water which acts a chelating agent. Contaminants bind to these agents and remain suspend in water rather than building up in a surface.
  • Clark’s Process: Clark’s process is often known as lime softening and uses calcium hydroxide which causes the hardness ions to precipitate. This increases alkalinity of water significantly, so carbon dioxide must be added to re-carbonate the water.

We have developed advanced and effective Water Conditioning System that does not use any sort of harmful chemical or salt. All it takes is an easy guided installation in your home. Our advanced scientifically proven conditioner uniquely removes all the hardness, harmful chemical and other biological contaminants from your drinking water. Our water conditioner’s high  efficiency is what made 97% of our customer to rate us with 5 stars ratings. We recommend you to get one of our Water Conditioning System and start living a health life.

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